Member News

Marvin Albert’s Final Curtain was performed in Theatre Odyssey’s Ten Minute Play Festival. His play, Why, also played as a Radio performance through Parrrish Playworks.  Why is now on You Tube.

Jenny Aldrich and Don Walker were at the Selbys for a TV film and four different celebrations. Both had fun in two radio plays for Theatre Odyssey this fall. They played together in Arthur Keyser's We Interrupt This Program.  Don was in Marvin Albert's radio play, Final Curtain, and Jenny was the mom in the runner up, Finding Help.  Jenny was invited to submit a program for the Sarasota County Libraries to "Celebrate the County Centennial with Marie Selby" for this spring. 

Joanie Anton hosted twelve Zoom Play Readings from May 2020 to September 2020.  Two of her plays were read during that time, The Fourth Banana and The Rejection.

Tom Aposporos was pleased to be heard as David in Sylvia Reed’s SOLASTALGIA and Governor John Winthrop in THE MIS-TRIAL OF ANNE HUTCHINSON by Bernard Yanelli in Theatre Odyssey’s Fifteenth Annual Ten-Minute Play Festival radio theater podcast. He has just completed a recording of a Ren Pearson adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s THE CASK OF AMONTILLADO, and is invited as a guest of the Asolo Play Readers to read Frank Motz’s play WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE. And, he recently read an excerpt from the Langston Hughes poem, LET AMERICA BE AMERICA AGAIN, for Acting Distant’s first Showcase.

Dianne Brin directed and produced Radium Girls for Asolo Playreaders which was performed as the One Book One Community Zoom production with Sarasota County Libraries.  Her cast members included SAPS members Alice Cotman, Alan Brasington, and Betty Robinson.  Dianne was in several Acting/Distant plays, culminating in one with her son, called Mother and Son.

Kathryn Chesley still has performances of historic women: Carrie Chapman Catt-suffragist leader-videotaped for the Venice Historical Society and shown on their website.  Carrie Chapman Catt-November 5 at Osceola Library.  Also she portrays Mable Ringling and Bertha Palmer for Bird Key Women's Association on November 9, Mina Edison for Venice Golf and Country Club on January 28. Rose Wilson-editor of the Sarasota Times Newspaper- tells the story of Sarasota's Separation from Manatee County. This will be performed in honor of the Sarasota Centennial Celebration throughout 2021. This play will be read at SAPS in January.

Scott Ehrenpreis is delighted to be a new member of SAPS.  He was involved in two radio theatre plays this year, What I Got Nobody Wants and Happy Mother's Day, presented by Theatre Odyssey.  Until theater makes its grand return, Scott will continue to stay connected to the arts through readings of plays.

Nancy Hanks acted the part of the Author in A Flawed Character by Andrew Biss (special permission from Mr. Biss) for Acting Distant and Asolo Rep theatre Guild Play Readers. For Asolo Rep Theatre Guild Play Readers Outreach program: she was cast as Sylvia in Sylvia and the part of Sophie in Homecomings. Currently, however, they are not doing the Outreach program due to Covid 19.  Currently on Zoom: Redoing the part of Mrs. Rak in Open House and Candace in Smarter Than You by Richard Bonte for public listening/viewing.  On Zoom with Joanie: Nancy was Vicki in Dare I? by Judy Rosmarin; Carlotta In A Circus Line by Cece Dwyer; Caroline in The Call by Frank Motz; and Ellen in Accident by Martin Tucker.  She also participated in a 6 week class of Play Analyzing taught by Dylan Jones. On Zoom for the Jacaranda Library / Venice: Nancy was cast as Alexa In Crunchers by Frank Motz

Dan Higgs directed two plays for TO's Radio Plays Festival: Happy Mother's Day by Fred Sirasky and The Mistrial of Anne Hutchinson by Bernie Yanelli. Also, he acted in Final Curtain by Marvin Albert.

Dylan Jones’ one-act play, The Typo That Saved Britain, was chosen by The Dramatist's Guild for a virtual table read as part of their national End of Play Festival. Actors from around the country were in the play over Zoom, and it was a fantastic success. He taught two classes via Zoom back to back from April through September: "How to Write a Ten Minute Play," and "Playscript Analysis: Modernism and Postmodernism."  He will be offering a class starting in January on "How to Write a One Act Play."  Dylan directed Single Rider for Theatre Odyssey's Ten Minute Play Festival this year, which was the winner.

Arthur Keyser’s ten-minute play, We Interrupt This Program, was selected as one of eight finalists in the Theatre Odyssey 2020 Festival. The finalists were produced as radio plays. In July, 2020, Arthur’s play, The Prize, was produced by the Sauk Community Theatre in Hillsdale, Michigan. Eleven plays were selected for its Sauk Shorts festival, which had four productions of all eleven plays, all outdoors with social distancing and masks for the seated audience. As part of the Festival each playwright was interviewed on-line and all interviews were posted on YouTube. Arthur’s interview lasted twenty minutes. ArtAge Publications, a division of ArtAge Senior Theatre Resource Center, Portland, Oregon, which had already published twelve of Arthur’s short plays, one of his full-length plays (Harry’s Angel) and Arthur’s book Short Plays By the Dozen (all of which are in its catalog) has published four additional plays, written by Arthur. they are  A Brief Encounter, Molly’s Secrets, Switching Sides and We Interrupt This Program.

Eileen Kirk is awaiting the return of Ringling Docent tours where she provides a one-person show.  Meantime she is concentrating on viewing films and appreciating the ones with good writing.

Carole Keinberg has been working for a long while now, on a plan to resurrect the Sarasota Jewish Theater, which folded about 15 years ago. If, fingers crossed, everything falls into place, they will present a Zoom season of 3 plays in partnership with the Jewish Federation of Sarasota/Manatee Counties.

Ron Pantello’s  “What About Mom” was performed at Stage It in Bonita Springs in 2020.

Larry Parr’s play, Shunned, developed at SAPS, has had several regional productions and was recently published by Stage Rights, who is handling worldwide rights.  The published play is available for sale at  His monologue, Tootsie, will be included in the Central Florida Community Arts virtual evening of short plays in November.  Florida Studio Theatre, as part of The Playwrights Project, commissioned him to write two new plays.  One is about Florida Civil Rights Worker Harry T. Moore, and the other is a musical version of The Emperor’s New Clothes, for which Larry wrote the book, lyrics, and music.

Bob Turoff’s  new book, Dear Roberta-Letters To My Wife, a Golden Apple Memoir, will be published in December by Smith and Kraus in Boston, MA.  It is about his 54 year marriage and the 42 year running of the professional Golden Apple Dinner Theatre in downtown Sarasota.

Aden Russell Last fall, new member, Aden Russell, returned to the stage for the first time in many years with the Players Backstage Theater production of Steve Martin's, The Underpants, playing Louise Maske. Since that initial re-entry onto the stage, she has performed as Jenny in A Whole Lot of Nothing, for Theatre Odyssey's 8th Annual Student 10-Min Playwriting Festival, Bob Turoff directing. During the shut down, Aden has played Elaine in Next Wife by Kathryn Powell in the Players 1st Virtual New Play Festival. Joanie Anton's summer Zoom readings led Aden to perform in over a dozen virtual performances. You can catch Aden's 3-min monolgue reading of Sophie's eulogy for her mother in, This is Us: One Hell of a Week for Acting Distant's YouTube Showcase at 

Connie Schindewolf’s Life On Earth was produced by Ambassador Theatre in London as part of Write About Now, February 16th at the New Wimbleton Theatre.  Connie was selected to be a panelist on a Dramatists Guild Zoom program entitled Crafting and Marketing the Short Play on April 20th.  Medical Records was selected from 330 submissions to be part of Broadway Hollow Theatre Company’s Women’s Writing Festival, featuring NY talent.  Clamour Theatre selected the one-act version of I’m Not You for a Zoom reading on July 25th.  The Grout Fairy was produced as a film and shown online July 31st-August 22 by Anacortes Community Theatre in Anacortes, WA.  It was also filmed and part of the Necronomican Sci-Fi 2020 Convention in Tampa from September 25th-27th. Colonial Playhouse in Alden, PA produced Leaving Nic on September 25th-27th and The Grout Fairy October 23rd-25th as part of their Parking Lot Plays.  Connie’s A Bottle of Vodka was part of an online production of Scribe Stage Ghost Stories on October 29th in Los Angeles.

Jan Wallace along with SAPS members Lynne Doyle, Joanie Anton, and Philippe Koenig, participated in a rehearsed and directed zoom reading of Paul Zindel's  And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little to an invited audience.  She also had the privilege of directing one of the Theater Odyssey Ten Minute Radio Plays.