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Workshop Schedule

Sarasota Area Playwrights Society

Playwright Workshop schedule for 2013/2014

All workshops will be held in a conference room at The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota buiding at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail., Sarasota, FL 34236.  Workshops will begin at 6:00 p.m. sharp and will, except for rare occasions, end at 8:00 p.m.  

October 10, 2013 Workshop reading of Arthur Keyser’s full length play — Before Steepletop.

Ed Hensley, as Walter
Dan Higgs, as Sheldon
Sylvia Kolker, as Felice Waters
Alice Cotman, as Vincent
Kathryn Chesley, narrator

October 17, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays, written in response to George’s summer assignments.

Happy by David Ohlson
Ray Crucet as Paul
George Loukides as Ray
Sophia LaRusso as Janet and the narrator

A Job Well Done by by Marvin Albert
Sophia LaRusso as Tyra
Dick Pell as Arthur
Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

Friday the Thirteenth by Marvin Albert
Melliss Kenworthy as Zelda
Dick Pell as Steve
Linda MacCluggage as Jennifer
Dan Higgs as Commentator
Reid MacCluggage as Eric
Sophia LaRusso, narrator

Just Fooling by Verna Safran
Dan Higgs as Will Shakespeare
Mike Karp as Robert Armin
Reid MacCluggage as Richard Burbidge
Roz Cramer, narrator

The Dancing Lessons by Connie Schindewolf
Melliss Kenworthy as Catherine
Margo Drewis as young Miriam
Dan Higgs as George
Sophia LaRusso, narrator

October 24, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays, written in response to George’s summer assignments.

The Mailing of Dodie Walsh by Roz Cramer
Linda MacCluggage as Dodie Walsh
Reid MacCluggage as Kangaroo
Reid MacCluggage, narrator

I’ll Be Home For Christmas by Dale Moore
Sylvia Kolker as the Mother
Melliss Kenworthy as the Daughter
George Loukides, narrator

A Bottle of Vodka by Connie Schindewolf
Dan Higgs as Will
Jenny Aldrich as Judy
Margo Drewis, narrator

Playwright’s Path by Connie Schindewolf
Jenny Aldrich as Pamela
Dan Higgs as Hunter
Margo Drewis as Brandi
Sylvia Kolker as MayBelle
Bart Machaj, narrator

The Many Faces of Love by Arthur Keyser
Sylvia Kolker as Eleanor
Bart Machaj as David
Margo Drewis as Jane
Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

October 31, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays, written in response to George’s summer assignments.

Oops by Betty Comora
Jenny Aldrich as Alda
Diane Brin as Betty
Verna Safran as Ginny
Eileen Kirk, narrator

Trudy Miller is a Star by Ron Pantello
Margo Drewis as Trudy
Linda MacCluggage as Peggy
Reid MacCluggage as Tom
Penelope Swan as Sandra
Penelope Swan, narrator

Henrietta by Penelope Swan
Dick Pell as Bobby Bell
Margo Drewis as Bunnie Bell
Arthur Keyser as Bill Riley
Verna Safran as Master of Ceremonies
Pamela Hamburger, narrator

Cross Currents by Arthur Keyser
Linda MacCluggage as Mandy Roberts
Reid MacCluggage as Bruce Roberts
Roz Cramer, narrator

Believe It or Not by Marvin Albert
George Loukides as Paul
Dick Pell as Michael
Reid MacCluggage as Phillip
Linda MacCluggage, narrator

November 7, 2013 Workshop reading of Dale Moore’s full-length play — When the Chickens Come Home

Steve Horowitz as Jerry Newsom
Sylvia Kolker as Kathleen (Katy) Newsome
Marilyn Rockafellow as Helen Newsome Marshall
Reid MacCluggage as Brad Newsome
Cece Dwyer as Christine (Sissy) Marshall
Fred Sirasky as Bryan Marshall
Margo Drewis as Sylvia Boyle
Ray Crucet, narrator

November 14, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays.

Renaissance Romeo by Verna Safran
Dick Pell as Dr. Brown
Fred Sirasky as Dr. Green
Arthur Keyser as Dr. Gold
Dan Higgs as Auslander
Kathy Chesley as Dr. Obsidian
Roz Cramer as Dr. Feldspar
Dianne Brin as Dr. Steel
Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

Dream On, My Merry May by Bernie Yanelli
Roz Cramer as May
Dick Pell as Tom
Dianne Brin as Belinda
Mike Karp as Ed Duncan
Bart Machaj ,narrator

Soul Mates by Dianne Brin
Alice Cotman as Dana
Verna Safran a Jennie
Dan Higgs as Gerald
Dick Pell as Chester
Melliss Kenworthy as Louise
Bart Machaj, narrator

A Walk to the Deli by Martin Tucker
Fred Sirasky as Frank
Marilyn Rockafellow as Susan
Dianne Brin as Woman with dog
Dianne Brin, narrator

November 21, 2013 Workshop — The Other Side of the Coin: A Guide to the Business of Playwriting presented by Larry Parr.

November 28, 2013 Thanksgiving holiday.

December 5, 2013 No workshop scheduled

December 12, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays.

The Perfect Idea by Verna Safran
Sandra Musicante as Mrs. Baylor
Betty Comora as Alicia
Dick Pell as Leonard
Ray Crucet as Arnie
Reid MacCluggage as Jeremy
Ros Cramer, narrator

Labor Bites Back by Stephen Cooper
Dick Pell as Fred
Reid MacCluggage as Roger
Betty Comora as Queenie
Roz Cramer, narrator

Bump in the Aisle by Stephen Cooper
Dick Pell as Charles
Betty Comora as Susan
Marilyn Rockafellow as Ruth
Roz Cramer, narrator

Kangaroo Shoes by Fred Sirasky
Dick Pell as John
Marilyn Rockafellow as Lois
Betty Comora as Mable
Reid MacCluggage as Alf
Roz Cramer, narrator

Serendipity by Roz Cramer
Dick Pell as Mike Richardson
Dianne Brin as Mae Robertson
Dale Moore, narrator

December 19, 2013 Workshop readings of five new short plays.

Courtship of the Kangaroo by Verna Safran
Dick Pell as the Prosecuting Attorney
Dale Moore as the Defense Attorney
Steve Cooper as the Judge
Ray Crucet as the defendant, Casey Ronald Halloran
Dianne Brin as the Reporter
Cece Dwyer as Mrs Friedberg
Fred Sirasky as the Jury Foreman and the Narrator

Mary’s Baptism by Connie Schindewolff
Don Walker as Pastor Jim
Jenny Aldrich as Tara
Dianne Brin, narrator

Chopping Celery by Connie Schindewolf
Margo Drewis as Emma
Marilyn Sirasky as Marsha
Sylvia Kolker as Grandma
Dianne Brin, narrator

Having Patients by Pamela Schueler
George Loukides as Sam
Dick Pell as Jack
Dianne Brin as Sandra
Margo Drewis as Lydia
Ron Pantello as Tim
Fred Sirasky as Cameraman and the Narrator

Identity by Roz Cramer
Sandra Musicante as Melanie Freed
Marilyn Rockafellow as Sandy Freed
Fred Sirasky, narrator

December 26, 2013 No workshop scheduled

January 2, 2014 No workshop scheduled

January 9, 2014 Workshop readings of new short plays.

Afternoon Social by Pamela Schueler
Sandra Musicante as Rose
Roz Cramer as Millie
Dianne Brin as Sandy
Marilyn Rockafellow as Virginia
Ray Crucet as Martin
Fred Sirasky, narrator

The Tutor by Ron Pantello
Margo Drewis as Amy
Reid MacCluggage as Jimmy
Fred Sirasky as Billy
Meliss Kenworthy, narrator

Visit To a Small Town by Marv Albert
Reid MacCluggage as Dave White
Linda MacCluggage as Stella
Dick Pell as Police Chief Acker
Melliss Kenworthy as Office Walker
Ray Crucet as Officer Black
Lee Lawler, narrator

Four Hearts – Down One by Marv Albert
Linda MacCluggage as Cindy
Melliss Kenworthy as Connie
Lee Lawler as Ruth
Sylvia Kolker as Elaine
Reid MacCluggage, narrator

January 16, 2014 Workshop reading of Ron Pantello’s full-length play — Grandpa Knows Best.

Dick Pell as Vinny
Dale Moore as Brad
Margo Drewis as Beth
George Loukides as Robert
Steve Horowitz as Bernie
Dianne Brin, narrator

January 23, 2014 Workshop reading of Steve Cooper’s full-length play — Spiritual Bliss.

Fred Sirasky as Norman Lane
Marilyn Rockafellow as Sylvie Sullivan
Eileen Kirk as Lois Wilson
Reid MacCluggage as Gordon Wilson
Dick Pell as Arkadino
Steve Horowitz as Rodney
Alice Cotman, narrator

January 30, 2014 Workshop reading of Pamela Schueler’s full length play — Forest for the Trees.

Dan Higgs as Brad
Keith Whalen as Steve
George Loukides as Mark
Dick Pell as Allan
Margo Drewis as Laurie
Dianne Brin as Sophie
Fred Sirasky, narrator

February 6, 2014 No Workshop Scheduled

February 13, 2014 Workshop reading of new short plays.

Ravages of War by Keith Whalen
Dick Pell as Brian
Margo Drewis as Jake
Ray Crucet as Sgt. Kelly
Alice Cotman as Mother
Alice Cotman as narrator

Youth for Dark by Keith Whalen
Ray Crucet as David
Fred Sirasky as Mr. Durkis
Alice Cotman, narrator

A Walk to the Deli by Martin Tucker
Fred Sirasky as Frank
Marilyn Rockafellow as Susan
Margo Drewis as Woman with Dog
Reid MacCluggage, narrator

A Slippery Man by Martin Tucker
Reid MacCluggage as Herman
Margo Drewis as Sarah
Fred Sirasky, narrator

February 20, 2014 Workshop reading of Cece Dwyer’s full-length play — Gatz’ Girl
Sandra Musicante as Daisy
Keith Whalen as Theo
Roz Cramer as Grace
Eileen Kirk as Nina
Margo Drewis as Jordan
Fred Sirasky as Luther
Reid MacCluggage, narrator

February 27, 2014 No workshop scheduled (four original plays by SAPS playwrights will be read in the evening on this date at the Sarasota Bay Club as part of our outreach program)

March 6, 2014 Workshop reading of new short plays.

Louie and Emma by Roz Cramer
Monia Joblin as the Narrator, who plays multiple roles
Linda MacCluggage as Mother
Reid MacCluggage as Father
Fred Sirasky, narrator for stage directions

Cliche by Keith Whalen
Dick Pell as HE
Marilyn ROckafellow as SHE
Ray Crucet as COP
Alice Cotman, narrator

One Last Job by Dan Higgs
Reid MacCluggage as Actor #1
Ray Crucet as Actor #2
Melliss Kenworthy as Actor #3
Dan Higgs, narrator

Myakka Weekend by Cece Dwyer
Fred Sirasky as CJ Potts
Roz Cramer as Mary Lou Kendricks
Keith Whalen as Russell Kendricks
as Cora Lee Matthews
, narrator

Cutting the Cord by Arthur Keyser
Roz Cramer as Mother
Monia Joblin as Melanie
Dick Pell, narrator

March 13, 2014 Workshop reserved for plays written by Playwriting Class students.

Three Word Plays:

It’s Time by Jenny Aldrich
Don Walker as Man
Roz Cramer as Woman
, narrator

Swim to Horizon by Ray Crucet
Dale Moore as Dick
Keith Whalen as Ray
Ray Crucet, narrator

Down the Hill by Dianne Brin
Dick Pell as Jack
Alice Cotman as Jill
Ray Crucet, narrator

A Generation Apart by Mike Karp
Dick Pell as Grandfather
Dianne Brin as Jennifer
Margo Drewis , narrator

The Incomplete Retreat by Margo Drewis
George Loukides as Jim
Dianne Brin as Sophia
Bart Machaj, narrator

Band of Brothers by Bart Machaj
George Loukides as Younger Brother
Mike Karp as Older Brother
Helen Pell as Off-stage Mother
Dick Pell, narrator

Ten-Minute Plays

Up the Hill by Alice Cotman
Ray Crucet as Jack
Margo Drewis as Jill
Dianne Brin as Wicked Witch of the Northeast
Keith Whalen as Big Bad Wolf
Roz Cramer as Narrator (one of the characters)
Steve Cooper, narrator for stage directions

He’s the One by Bart Machaj
Mike Karp as George
George Loukides as Michael
Dianne Brin as Rebecca
Margo Drewis as Allison
Alice Cotman as Police Officer
Helen Pell, narrator

Coming of Age by Margo Drewis
Roz Cramer as Mom
Alice Cotman as Diane
Bart Machaj as Examiner
George Loukides, narrator

March 20, 2014 Workshop reserved for Playwriting Class students.

Soft Boys by Mike Karp
Dick Pell as Vito
Mike Karp as Zeal

Came Tumbling After by Dianne Brin
Ray Crucet as Jack
Alice Cotman as Jill
Dick Pell, narrator

Give Me All Your Hearts, Fish by Ray Crucet
Dick Pell as Fisherman (Mr. Catullus)
Dianne Brin as Young Boy (Ralph)
Dan Higgs as Fish and Wildlife Officer (Lieutenant Harold Hornblower)
Alice Cotman as Woman (Celeste)
Roz Cramer, narrator

It is Time by Jennie Aldrich
Roz Cramer as Mom
Keith Whalen as Jim
, narrator

March 27, 2014 No workshop scheduled

April 3, 2014 Workshop reading of new short plays.

Worth Fighting For by Roz Cramer
Monia Joblin as Bethany
Fred Sirasky as Jake
Alice Cotman, narrator

How Long, Oh Lord, How Long by George Loukides
Dale Moore as Caine
Steve Horowitz as Rainey
Keith Whalen as Harris
Dick Pell as Whitehead
, narrator

The Honeymoon by Dale Moore
Steve Horowitz as Herbert
Sylvia Kolker as Laura
Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

What is This Thing by Dan Higgs
Don Walker as He
Melliss Kenworthy as She
Jenny Aldrich, narrator

Coming Through by Pamela Schueler
Don Walker as Albert
Jenny Aldrich as Margaret
as Mike
, narrator

April 10, 2014  Workshop readings of new plays.

Name Five People by Martin Tucker (a thirty-minute one-act play).
Steve Horowitz as Sandy Evans
Sylvia Kolker as Susan
Margo Drewis as Veronica
Keith Whalen as Dave
Ray Crucet as John
Dick Pell as Manuel
Fred Sirasky, narrator

The Tutor by Ron Pantello
Dan Higgs as Jimmy
Margo Drewis as Amy
Dianne Brin, narrator

It’s Time to Move by Ron Pantello
Dan Higgs as Baby 1
Margo Drewis as baby 2
Dianne Brin, narrator

The Competition by Dan Higgs
Melliss Kenworthy as Ms. Mortenson
Keith Whalen as Bernard Schwartz
Fred Sirasky as Adolph
Steve Horowitz as Abbott
Margo Drewis as Lucy Inthesky
Dan Higgs, narrator

April 17, 2014 No workshop scheduled

April 24, 2014  

Workshop reading of Verna Safran’s full-length play — Family Council.
Betty Comora as Violet
Dick Pell as Red
Marilyn Rockafellow as Blanche
Ray Crucet as Mr. Aziz
Mike Karp as Rollo
Keith Whalen as Cop
Fred Sirasky, narrator

Summer Recess — SAPS events will resume in October, 2014.

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