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Workshop Schedule


Sarasota Area Playwrights Society

Playwright Workshop and Special Events schedule for 2018/2019

All workshops and special events will be held in the first floor conference room or rooms at The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota building at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.  Workshops at the Arts and Cultural Alliance building will begin at 6:00 p.m. sharp and will end at 8:00 p.m.

October 22, 2018

This session will start with a short business meeting followed by the readings of the three plays below.    

Gerrymander, a fifteen-minute play by Burgess Levin

Neil Levine as Charles Davis Dunn

Margo Drewis as Viola Aberdeen

Don Walker as Isaiah Campbell

James Kassees as Reverend Campbell

Ray Crucet, narrator

Trigger Warnings: A Play for Millennials, a ten-minute play by Dylan Jones

Don Walker as Man

Linda MacCluggage as Woman

Tom Aposporos as Announcer

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

Belittlement, a ten-minute play by George Loukides

Melliss Kenworthy as Mary

Don Walker as Ken

Eileen Kirk as Fran

Bart Machaj, narrator

October 29, 2018

Blood Lines, a full-length play by Connie Schindewolf

Monia Joblin as Hope

Ray Crucet as Derek

Kathryn Chesley as Kim

Melliss Kenworthy as Christine

Margo Drewis as Claire

Jan Wallace as Elaine

Sylvia Kolker, narrator

November 8, 2018

Mom’s Clothes, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Melliss Kenworthy as Mary

Dianne Brin as Chrissy

Ray Crucet as Intern and narrator

Life on Earth, a ten-minute play by Connie Schindewolf

Joanie Anton as Ellie

Tom Aposporos as Ryan

Eileen Kirk, narrator

Three Playwrights In Search Of A Play, a ten-minute play by Larry Parr

George Loukides as Larry

Bart Machaj as as Bob

Margo Drewis as Tiffany

David Meyersburg, narrator

The Search for the Swamp Cabbage Man, a twenty-minute play by Monica Cross

Louise Stinespring as Finn

Jan Wallace as Ripley

Sandra Musicante as Taylor

Glenn Schudel, narrator

November 12, 2018

The Phone Stopped Ringing, a full-length play by Ron Pantello

Don Walker as George

Kathryn Chesley as Loretta

Cece Dwyer as Victoria (Tori)

Tom Aposporos as Bill

Jan Wallace as Ellen

Ray Crucet, narrator


November 19, 2018

Djuna, a full-length play by George Loukides

Monia Joblin as Djuna Barnes

Linda MacCluggage as Liz Grimes

Betty Robinson as Helen Westley, Mother Jones, Gaby Deslys and Lillian Russell

Bart Machaj, narrator

December 6, 2018

Man of Tomorrow, a full-length play by Dylan Jones (part 1 – see part 2 on 12/10)

Don Walker as Old Walt Disney

James Kassees as Walter MacNair

Alan Kitty as Young Walt Disney and as Adult Walt Disney

Tom Aposporos as Young Roy Disney and as Adult Roy Disney

Neil Levine as Elias Disney, as Windsor McCay and as Rudy Ising

Fred Sirasky as “Doc” Sherwood and as Fred Harman

Marilyn Rockafellow as Mrs. Pfeiffer and as Hugh Harman

Ray Crucet as Mr. Pfeffer and Dr. Thomas McCrum

David Meyersburg as French Soldier and as Leslie Mace

Jan Wallace as Cameraman and as Friz Freleng

David Ohlson as Wally and as Ub Iwerks

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

December 10, 2018   

Man of Tomorrow, second part of a full-length play by Dylan Jones (part 1 on 12/6)

Don Walker as Old Walt Disney

James Kassees as Walter MacNair

Alan Kitty as Adult Walt Disney

Tom Aposporos as Adult Roy Disney

Neil Levine as Rudy Ising and as Pat Powers

Fred Sirasky as Older brother and as Doctor

Marilyn Rockafellow as Hugh Harman, as Virginia Davis and as Edna Disney

Ray Crucet as Charles Mintz and as Herbert Kalmus

David Meyersburg as David Sarnoff, as Father and as Young Roy Disney

Jan Wallace as Lillian Disney

David Ohlson as UB Iwerks

SandraMusicante as Hazel Sewell and as Younger brother

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

December 17, 2018

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER PROGRAM (both rooms) – Jason Cannon from Florida Studio Theatre – followed by two short plays. *

Elective Behaviors, a fifteen-minute play by Alan Kitty

Louise Stinespring as Penny

Mike Karp as Tom

Dylan Jones as Guy

Katherine Kerr, narrator

The First Actor on Mars, a ten-minute play by Monica Cross

Tom Aposporos as Cooper

Monia Joblin as Jackie

Glenn Schudel, narrator

* Note: Jason Cannon cancelled due to illness.

January 10, 2019

Saigon Tea, a thirty-five minute play by Joe Cyr

Alan Kitty as Paul

Cece Dwyer as Nha

Ray Crucet as Jack

Nancy Hanks as Chorus # 2

Dan Higgs as Chorus # 3

Betty Robinson as Chorus # 4

James Kassees as Joe

Neil Levine, narrator

Don Walker, director

Dee-Dee Mize, a ten-minute monologue by Bruce Segal

Cat and Dog Part Deux, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

David Meyersburg as Dog

Margo Drewis as Cat

Ray Crucet, narrator

January 21, 2019

One Last Chance, a ten-minute play by Dianne Brin

Alice Cotman as Sandie

Melliss Kenworthy as Carol

Tom Aposporos as Allen

Jenny Aldrich, narrator

Crunchers, a ten-minute play by Frank Motz

Don Walker as Robert Hicks

Nancy Hanks as Alexa

Jenny Aldrich as Emily Pepper

David Meyersburg, narrator

Tuna Fish Melt Down, a one-minute monologue by Dianne Brin

Jenny Aldrich as Woman

Coffee House Chat by Dale Ludwig

Don Walker as Passenger

David Meyersburg as Freud

Neil Levine as Bartender

Fred Sirasky as Sigmund Salten

Dianne Brin, narrator

January 28, 2019

Teamwork, a ten-minute play by Stephen Cooper

Monia Joblin as Marion Gotschalk

Tom Aposporos as Harlow Borgage

Don Walker as William (Bill) Burns

David Meyersburg as Harry Simons

Jenny Aldrich, narrator

Perfect Stranger, a ten minute play by Michael Bille

Don Walker as Don

Dylan Jones as Max

Louise Stinespring, narrator

Afternoon Social, a ten-minute play by Pam Schueler

Margo Drewis as Rose

Jenny Aldrich as Sandy

Cece Dwyer as Virginia

Marilyn Rockafellow as Millie

Ray Crucet as Martin

Fred Sirasky, narrator

The Writers, a ten-minute play by Frank Motz

Tom Aposporos as Marvin

David Meyersburg as Joey

Dianne Brin, narrator

February 7, 2019

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER PROGRAM – Annie Morrison and Blake Walton, founders of the SaraSolo Festival will conduct a seminar on solo performances. This will be followed by two new original solo performances:

My Meeting With a Stranger, a ten to fifteen minute monologue, written and performed by Jan Wallace; and


The Me He Never Knew, a fifteen-minute monologue, written and performed by Jenny Aldrich.     

February 14, 2019

Forbidden Fruit, a twenty-minute play by Joe Cyr

Ray Crucet as God

Bob Carlson as Adam

Nancy Hanks as Eve

Dianne Brin as Angel

Keith Whalen as Serpent/Satan

Alice Cotman, narrator

Togetherness, a ten-minute play by Jan Wallace

Don Walker as Henry

Jenny Aldrich as Flo

Sandra Musicante, narrator

Fallen Angels, a ten-minute play by Pamela Schueler

Dan Schuler as Luc

Sandra Musicante as Janet

David Meyersburg as Gordon

Ray Crucet, narrator

One Way Only, a ten-minute play by Estrella Engelhardt and James Engelhardt

Ray Crucet as Milt

Dan Higgs as Scotch

Don Walker as Casey

Alan Kitty as Chas

David Meyersburg as Newscaster

Tom Aposporos as Dr. Jules Samuel

Jenny Aldrich, narrator

February 18, 2019

SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER PROGRAM (both rooms – one guest per member may be invited) – Jason Cannon from Florida Studio Theatre – followed by Stehen Ashman’s play below.

The Thirteenth Principle (Act 1), a fifty-minute act by Stephen Ashman

Don Walker as The Vizier

James Kassees as The Prince

Tom Aposporos as Maimonides

Cece Dwyer as Devora

Sandra Musicante as Faith

Jan Wallace as Reason

Jenny Aldrich, narrator

February 28, 2019

Smart Phone, a full-length play by Fred Sirasky

Joan Anton as Esther Foreman

Tom Aposporos as Ed Foreman

Melliss Kenworthy as Betty Stone

David Meyersburg as Roy Stone

Dylan Jones as Jimmy Stone

Monica Cross as Joanie Marsh

Alan Kitty, narrator

March 7, 2019

Out Of the Box, a ten-minute play by Frank Motz

Ray Crucet as Mark

Dianne Brin as Lisa

David Meyersburg as Jason

Nancy Hanks as Susan

Don Walker, narrator

Ancestry, a ten-minute play by Connie Schindewolf

Margo Drewis as Kit

Tom Aposporos as Mickey

Eileen Kirk, narrator

Alligator On My Lanai, a ten-minute play by Barbara Barnow

Jenny Aldrich as Sarah

Margo Drewis as Pedro, the Alligator

David Meyersburg as Frank

Ray Crucet as Bill

Cece Dwyer, narrator

Drawing the Line, a ten-minute play by Michael Bille

Louise Stinespring as Diane

Margo Drewis as Liz

Tom Aposporos, narrator

March 14, 2019

The 7-10 Split, a thirty-minute play by Burgess Levin

Neil Levine as Ted and as Isaiah

David Meyersburg as Gil and as Bill

Margo Drewis as Marge

Betty Robinson as Phyllis

Don Walker as Jack

James Kassees, narrator

Day Mark, a ten-minute play by Alan Brasington

Monia Joblin as Isabelle

Louise Stinespring as Myrtle

I Spy With My Little A.I., a twenty-five minute play by Monica Cross

Louise Stinespring as Annette

Meliss Kenworthy as Jenny

Glenn Schudel as Brad

Joanie Anton, narrator

March 18, 2019

Special Workshop – A Stroll Back in Time for SAPS Writers and Theatre Odyssey, Part One – Readings of the following plays by current SAPS members, which were performed at previous Theatre Odyssey Festivals:

A Line Of Malarky by Larry Parr

Melliss Kenworthy as Lucille Malarky

Sylvia Kolker as Camilla Rosebloom

Dan Higgs, narrator

Bob’s, by Fred Sirasky

Monia Joblin as Letty

Alan Kitty as Bob

David Meyersburg, narrator

The Coward by Dylan Jones

Don Walker as Sim

Glenn Schuedel as Jimmy

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

Just Perfect, by Dan Higgs

Monia Joblin as Beth

Glenn Schudel as Richard

James Kassees as Edd

Carole Kleinberg, narrator

Cliche, by Keith Whalen

Tom Aposporos as He

Louise Stinespring as She

Dan Higgs as Cop

Fred Sirasky, narrator

I do?, by Steve Cooper

Tom Aposporos as Terry Gold

Jan Wallace as Jamie White

Sandra Musicante, narrator

Urban Renewal, by Cece Dwyer

Tom Aposporos as Norman

Don Walker as Charlie

David Meyersburg as Blind Man

Jenny Aldrich, narrator

March 28, 2019

Venom, a full length play by Richard Bonte

David Meyersburg as Herb White

Neil Levine as Fred Stone

Dylan Jones as Edward Smart

Nancy Hanks as Dolores Mujer and as Marcy Stemkowski

Dianne Brin, narrator

April 4, 2019

Special Workshop – A Stroll Back in Time for SAPS Writers and Theatre Odyssey, Part Two – Readings of the following plays by current SAPS members, which were performed at previous Theatre Odyssey Festivals:

The Card Game, by Michael Bille

Neil Levine as Michael

Dan Higgs as Bill

Louise Stinespring, narrator

Homecoming for Jenny, by Marvin Albert

Melliss Kenworthy as Momma

Jan Wallace as Jenny

David Meyersburg, narrator

It’s Time To Move, by Ron Pantello

Dan Higgs as Boy

Margo Drewis as Girl

David Meyersburg, narrator

The Silence, by Connie Schindewolf

Margo Drewis as Carla

Fred Sirasky as Jim

Nancy Hanks as the Woman

Alan Brasington as the Man

Katherine Kerr, narrator

A Tender Moment, by Frank Motz   

Tom Aposporos as Harold

Neil Levine as Louis

Ann Forwand as Ms. Lateer

Nancy Hanks, narrator


High School Reunion, by Arthur Keyser

Tom Aposporos as Robert

Dan Higgs as Patrick Martin

Bob Turoff as Thomas Devlin

Louise Stinespring, narrator

In the Cards, by David Ohlson

Dianne Brin as Ruth

Alan Brasington as Larry

Sylvia Kolker as Sybil

Bart Machaj, narrator

April 11, 2019

Goodbye Itzy-Bitsy, a ten-minute play by Betty Robinson

Fred Sirasky as Ben

Marilyn Rockafellow as Annie

Bart Machaj, narrator

Love Me Tinder, a ten-minute play by Pamela Scheuler

Sandra Musicante as Rachel

Monia Joblin as Sarah

Don Walker as Leonard

Fred Sirasky, narrator

Hitchhiker, a ten-minute play by Pam Schuler

Tom Aposporos as Rennie

Glenn Schudel as Luke

Monia Joblin as Dakota

Dan Schuler as Motorcycle Cop

Fred Sirasky, narrator

A Place For Mom, a thirty-minute play by Betty Robinson

Don Walker as Rob

Jenny Aldrich as Char

Alan Brasington as Frank

Margo Drewis as Dory

Bart Machaj

April 15, 2019

How To Ride a Camel, a twenty-minute play by Martin Tucker

Alan Kitty as Gene

Don Walker as Howard

Dianne Brin as Andrea

Jenny Aldrich as Tatiana

David Meyersburg as Calvin Trent

Jan Wallace as Patricia Trent

Tom Aposporos, narrator

The Day Before Thanksgiving, a ten-minute play by Sirena Esper

Alan Kitty as Luigi Ferrentino

Ray Crucet as Leo

David Meyersburg as Rudy

Jenny Aldrich as Sister Agatha

Cece Dwyer as Sister Catherine

Don Walker, narrator

The Diagnosis, a ten-minute play by Burgess Levin

Tom Aposporos as Dave

Margo Drewis as Cybil

Cece Dwyer, narrator

Where Am I Going Now That I Know I’ve Gone, a ten-minute play by Dan Higgs

Katherine Kerr as Purah

Richard Bonte as Joe

Nancy Hanks as Maxine

Susan Mauntel as Angie

Tom Aposporos, narrator

April 25, 2019

Right Pretty Day, a thirty-minute play by Glenn Schudel

Monia Joblin as Reli

Louise Stinespring as Sue

Jan Wallace as Charlotte

Linda MacCluggage, narrator

Moving Things Around, a forty-five minute play by Barbara Barnow

Monia Joblin as Mae

James Kassees as Greg

Dianne Brin as Angie

Alice Cotman, narrator

April 29, 2019

Exposed, a full-length play by Ronni Miller

Sandra Musicante as Susan

Carole Schwartz as Mother

Burgess Levin as Father, Albert, Pat, Arturo and Fox

Bob Carlson, narrator

May 5, 2019 – Season Ending Party from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm at The Meadows Country Club, Sarasota, Florida

End of Workshop season

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