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Workshop Schedule


Sarasota Area Playwrights Society

Playwright Workshop and Special Events schedule for 2019 / 2020

All workshops and special events will be held in the first floor conference room at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.  Workshops will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will end at 8:00 p.m.

TUESDAY, October 15, 2019

SAPS 2019/2020 short kick-off business meeting

Molly’s Secret, a ten-minute play by Arthur Keyser

Monia Joblin as Molly

Jenny Aldrich as Fran

Nancy Hanks as Beth

Bob Turoff, narrator

You Did What?, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Don Walker as Freddy

Jenny Aldrich as Sharon

David Meyersburg as Coach Graves

Dianne Brin as Loretta

Ray Crucet, narrator

The Intermission, a ten-minute play by Jan Wallace

Monia Joblin as Moira

James Kassees as James

Melliss Kenworthy as Renee

Philippe Koenig as Voice of Loudspeaker and Narrator

MONDAY, October 21, 2019

Special Program – readings by SAPS actors of one to three minute monolgues.

Perfect Strangers, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Don Walker as Randy

Monia Joblin as Ellen

David Meyersburg as PA Announcer (off-stage) and narrator.

MONDAY, October 28, 2019

Nessun Dorma/Up!, a full-length play by Eric Leventhal

Monia Joblin as Don Fioscio

Dan Higgs as Marcello-Angelo

Tom Aposporos as Osbourn

Don Walker as Don Viavecchi

Jan Wallace as Dona Bianca, Maid and Donatelo

Melliss Kenworthy as Ugolina and Inquisitor

Nancy Hanks as La Calendula 

Alan Brasington as Sandor Szczegh, Page and Apprentices

James Kassees as Rocco Ceppo

Louise Stinespring, narrator

FRIDAY, November 8, 2019

Open House, a full-length play by Richard Bonte

Dianne Brin as Jill Smith

Neil Levine as Leviathan Lee

Nancy Hanks as Mrs. Rooty Rak

Alice Cotman as Dal Rak

James Kassees as Marshall Ranford

David Meyersburg, narrator

TUESDAY, November 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day, a ten-minute play by Fred Sirasky

Louise Stinespring as Waitress

Alan Brasington as Husband

Marilyn Rockafellow as Wife

David Meyersburguy, narrator

The Wrong Way, a ten-minute play by Steve Ashman

Jan Wallace as Driver

Alan Brasington as Hughes

James Kassees as Mulligan

Dianne Brin, narrator

I’m Not You, a thirty-minute play by Connie Schindewolf

Alan Brasington as Marvin

Dylan Jones as Marv

James Kassees as Trent

Lauren Jones as Beth

Louise Stinespring, narrator

MONDAY, November 18, 2019

SPECIAL PROGRAM – Jason Cannon, Associate Artist at Florida Studio Theatre, will be our guest speaker. In addition, two new short plays will be read:

Accident, a ten-minute play by Martin Tucker

as Walter

as Ellen

as Pamela

, narrator

Sign of the Times, a ten-minute play by Michael Bille

Dylan Jones as Jack

Lauren Jones as Jenny

Sandra Musicante as Lynn, Siri and the narrator

MONDAY, November, 25, 2019

Ten Minutes After Midnight, a ten-minute play by Dylan Jones

as Bea

as Al

as Flo

, narrator 

Skeletons in the Closet, a forty-minute play by Richard Bonte

David Meyersburg as Brian Williams

James Kassees as Bud, Tom, Joey, and Joshua Thomas

Dianne Brin as Young Isabelle and Old Isabel

Margo Drewis as Midge, Nadine, Joan and Cynthia Thomas

Tom Aposporos as Young Michael Thomas and Michael Thomas

Eileen Kirk as Sylvia Thomas

Susan Mauntel, narrator 

WEDNESDAY, December 4, 2019

A Little Too Close For Comfort, a full-length play by Ron Pantello

Tom Aposporos as Anthony

Sandra Musicante as Gloria

Margo Drewis as Gigi

Kathy Chesley as Aunt Linda 

Dan Higgs as Nico

Monia Joblin as Liz

James Kassees as Franky

Ray Crucet, narrator

TUESDAY, December 10, 2019

Sign of the Times, a twenty-minute play by Michael Bille

Don Walker as Jack

Jenny Aldrich as Jenny

Alan Kitty as Larry

Susan Mauntel as Lynn

Sandra Musicante, narrator

Past Decisions, a ten-minute play by Jan Wallace

Monia Joblin as Helen

Philippe Koenig as James

Susan Mauntel, narrator 

Grammy and Nana, a ten-minute play by Connie Schindewolf

Sandra Musicante as Grammy

Nancy Hanks as Nana

Monia Joblin as Maria

Neil Levine as Stan

, narrator

TUESDAY, December 17, 2019

SPECIAL PROGRAM – Carole Kleinberg, a member of SAPS will conduct a special playwriting workshop for the first hour.

The Love Poem, a ten-minute play by Steve Ashman

Alice Cotman as Ilene

Monia Joblin as Meredith

Cece Dwyer, narrator

TUESDAY, January 14, 2020

Long Live the Pig, a full-length play by Barbara Barnow

Jan Wallace as Sarabeth

Sandra Musicante as Susanna

Melliss Kenworthy as Joan

Don Walker as Nate

Keith Whalen as Josh

James Kassees, narrator

MONDAY, January 20, 2020

Time Matters, a one-hour play by George Loukides

Meliss Kenworthy as Alex

Alan Brasington as Iggy

Linda MacCluggage as Ivy

Susan Mauntel as Ann

Lizzie Brown, narrator

The Key, a ten-minute play by Steve Ashman

Neil Levine as Belford

Jan Wallace as Sandra

Linda MacCluggage, narrator


MONDAY, February 3, 2020

That’s What Friends Are For, a five-minute play by Arthur Keyser

Lizzie Brown as Medea

Jan Wallace as Jocasta

Alan Brasington, narrator

By the Numbers, a ten-minute play by Steve Ashman

Cece Dwyer as Rose

David Meyersburg as Arthur

Jan Wallace, narrator 

Brandy Victor, a twenty-minute play by Martin Tucker

Margo Drewis as Brandy

Don Walker as Albert

Tom Aposporos as Sean

Alan Kitty as Nick and as Rick

Susan Mauntel as Woman with Headlight

Bart Machaj, narrator 

WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2020

Kosciusko Mustard, a ten minute play by Barbara Barnow

Margo Drewis as Miss Evelyn

Jenny Aldrich as Tonya

Cece Dwyer as Rosa

Monia Joblin as Annie

Susan Mauntel, narrator

WAIT, a ten-minute play by Joe Cyr

Alan Kitty as Walt

Mike Karp as Bill

Nancy Hanks, narrator

A ten-minute monologue about John Ringling by Bruce Segal
Sad Songs, a ten-minute play by Jan Wallace

Monia Joblin as Zoe

Alan Brasington as Mitch

Philippe Koenig, narrator

MONDAY, February 17, 2020

A special program. A panel discussion with three of the artistic directors of Community Theatres in our area as our guests. The three will be:

Jeffery Kin, Artistic Director of The Players Centre For Performing Arts
Rick Kerby, Producing Artistic Director of The Manatee Performing Arts Center
Murray Chase, Producing Executive Director of The Venice Theater

To be moderated by Arthur Keyser
(note) Each member may bring one guest. 

MONDAY, February 24, 2020

Smart Phone, a full-length play by Fred Sirasky
Monia Joblin as Esther Foreman

Tom Aposporos as Ed Foreman

Melliss Kenworthy as Betty Stone

David Meyersburg as Roy Stone

Dylan Jones as Jimmy Stone

Lauren Ward as Joanie Marsh

Bart Machaj, narrator

FRIDAY, March 6, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

TUESDAY, March 10, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic 

MONDAY, March 23, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

TUESDAY, March 31, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

MONDAY, April 6, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

TUESDAY, April 14, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

TUESDAY, April 21, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

MONDAY, April 27, 2020

Cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

SUNDAY, May 3, 2020 – Season Ending Party cancelled – Covid19 pandemic

End of Workshop season

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