Sarasota Area Playwrights Society

Playwright Workshop and Special Events schedule for 2015 / 2016

All workshops and special events will be held in a conference room at The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota building at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.  Workshops will begin at 6:00 p.m. sharp and will, with rare exceptions, end at 8:00 p.m.   



October 12, 2015.  SAPS 2015/2016 “season kick-off” business meeting.


October 22, 2015.  Workshop readings of five new short plays.

Mr. Suitcase by George Loukides

Steve Horowitz as Mr Suitcase

Bart Machaj as Tom

Alice Cotman as Mom

Eileen Kirk, narrator


Merry Maids by Connie Schindewolf

Margo Drewis as Betty Lou

Susan McCoy as Jeannie Marie

David Meyersburg as Troy

Eileen Kirk, narrator


Just A Little Box by Dale Moore

Don Walker as Jeff Turnbull

Sharon Ohrenstein as Susan Turnbull

, narrator


Living Arrangements by Ron Pantello

Dick Pell as Prince, a six month old puppy

Margo Drewis as Penelope, an adult Persian cat

Ray Crucet, narrator


Ashes to Ashes by Verna Safran

Diane Brin as Viola

Margo Drewis as Vicky

Ray Crucet, narrator


October 26, 2015.  Workshop readings of four new short plays.

Now I Remember by Connie Schindewolf

Melliss Kenworthy as Christine

Dan Higgs as John

Alice Cotman, narrator


Almost Forgotten by Ron Pantello

Dan Higgs as Robert

Ray Crucet as Sanford

Alan Kitty as Murray

Dianne Brin, narrator


Flip Flop by Marv Albert

Don Walker as John

Jenny Aldrich as Mary

Dan Higgs as John’s thoughts

Dianne Brin as Mary’s thoughts

Dick Pell as Walter

George Loukides, narrator


Condo Police by Marv Albert

George Loukides as Mr. Berg

Dick Pell as Mr. Roberts


November 5, 2015.

Keep Calm, a one-act play by George Loukides

Melliss Kenworthy as Pearl

Betty Comora as Mary

Cece Dwyer as Jean

Eileen Kirk, narrator


Plus three short plays:

That Word by Sharon Ohrenstein

Jenny Aldrich as She

Don Walker as He

Alice Cotman, narrator


The Occasional Jew by Ron Pantello

David Meyersburg as Marty

Dick Pell as Barry

Melliss Kenworthy as Gila

Steve Horowitz as Bobby

Dale Moore, narrator


The Chemo Waltz by Roz Cramer

Monia Joblin as Ruthie Krantz

Reid MacCluggage as Chemo Drip

Fred Sirasky, narrator


November 9, 2015.

Mammoth Bones, a full-length play by Connie Schindewolf

Don Walker as Robert

Jenny Aldrich as Vicky

Sylvia Kolker as Alice

Reid MacCluggage as Dr. Collins

Alan Kitty as Dr. Z

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator

November 19, 2015.

Living With Crazy, a full-length play by Ron Pantello

Jenny Aldrich as Amy

Don Walker as Jimmy

Marilyn Rockafellow as Marylou

Fred Sirasky as George

Steve Horowitz, narrator


November 23, 2015.

Found, a ten-minute play by David Ohlson

Diane Brin as Birte

Bart Machaj as Sean

George Loukides as Brian

Margo Drewis as Maggie and as narrator


A Very Bad Day, a ten-minute play by Carole Kleinberg

Jenny Aldrich as Woman

Ray Crucet as Man

Don Walker as Chiropractor/Funeral Director

Dick Pell, narrator


Grampy Goes to Marilyn’s, a ten-minute play by Alan Brasington

Dick Pell as Douglas

Margo Drewi as Candice

Alice Cotman, narrator


My Bench, a ten-minute play by David Ohlson

Bart Machaj as Robert

Dianne Brin as Agnes

George Loukides, narrator


December 3, 2015.

First hour dedicated to two-minute monologues for our actors, who request the opportunity, to show their skills to our playwrights.  Following that, the plays listed below will be read.

The Urn, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Melliss Kenworthy as The Urn

Dick Pell as Barry

Roz Cramer, narrator


In Whom We Trust, a twenty-minute play by Arthur Keyser

Dan Higgs as Richard Nixon

Reid MacCluggage as John Mitchell

Alan Brasington as Gordon Liddy

Fred Sirasky as John Dean

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


December 10, 2015.

A Mixed Blessing, An American Fairy Tale, a short play by Betty Comora

George Loukides as Bob

Bart Machaj as Jason

Sophia Larusso as Lori

Alice Cotman as Arlene

Betty Robinson as the Good Fairy

Eileen Kirk, narrator


Salt In The Pepper Shaker, a one-act, 30 to 35 minute, play by Bob Kinast

Don Walker as Bert

Melliss Kenworthy as Joyce

Betty Comora as Lucille

Alan Kitty, narrator


The Last Room by Dylan Jones, a ten-minute play

Dylan Jones as Nondescript

Ross Boehringer as Haggard

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


January 7, 2016.

Responsibilities, a ten-minute play by Martin Tucker

Linda MacCluggage as Susan

Reid MacCluggage as Mark

Roz Cramer as Joyce

Fred Sirasky as Bob

Marilyn Rockafellow, narrator


Oh Brother, a ten-minute play by George Loukides (first cast)

Jan Wallace as Cleo

David Meyersberg as Sean

Bart Machaj, narrator


Oh Brother, a ten-minute play by George Loukides (second cast)

Marilyn Rockafellow as Cleo

Reid MacCluggage as Sean

Bart Machaj, narrator


We Eat Berries, a eighteen-minute play by Martin Tucker

Cece Dwyer as Hazel

David Meyersburg as Arthur

Diane Brin as Sophia

Dick Pell as James

Marilyn Rockafellow, narrator


January 11, 2016.

A Family Affair, a full-length play by Marvin Albert

Melliss Kenworthy as Momma

Andrea Dovner as Jenny

Sandra Musicante as Rachel

Dianne Brin as Bobbie

Jennie Aldrich as Ellen

Dick Pell as Voice of Marty

Don Walker as Steve

Jennie Aldrich as Betty

David Meyersburg as Alex

Dick Pell as Policeman

Melliss Kenworthy as Attendant

Dick Pell as Sven

Melliss Kenworthy as Woman’s voice

Ray Crucet, narrator


January 21, 2016.

Lily’s Visit, a full-length play by Bob Kinast

Roz Cramer as Rose

Neil Levine as Harry

Andrea Dovner as Lily

Fred Sirasky, narrator


January 25, 2016.

Trust Me…I’m Your Dictator, a full length play by Bernie Yanelli

Andrea Dovner as Maria Daria

Don Walker as Giovanni Giovanni

Dan Higgs as Generalissimo Cortez

Fred Sirasky as Hector Infante

Dylan Jones as Jose del Rio

Melliss Kenworthy as Clarissa Giovanni

David Meyersburg as Detective Catania

Eileen Kirk, narrator

February 4, 2016.

Thank God For Purgies, a ten-minute play by Dianne Brin

David Meyersburg as Tony

Don Walker as Michael

Dan Higgs as George Burns (look-alike)

Ray Crucet as Satan

Alice Cotman, narrator


The Dying Jewish Mother, a short play by Roz Cramer

David Meyersberg as David Sherman

Sylvia Kolker as Rita Sherman

Dianne Brin as Gloria McCarthy

Alice Cotman, narrator


Clarinet Licks, a ten-minute play by Fred Sirasky

Marilyn Rockafellow as Janet

Fred Sirasky as Bill

David Meyersburg, narrator


Quiet Desperation, a ten-minute play by Arthur Keyser

Don Walker as Jeremy

Jan Morris as Diane

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


February 8, 2016

Kathryn The Great, a full-length play by Ron Pantello

Don Walker as Philip

Margo Drewis as Charlene

Cece Dwyer as Kathryn

Kathryn Chesley as Mildred

Ray Crucet as Mark

Sophia Larusso, narrator


February 18, 2016.

Jewish Guilt, a ten-minute play by Marvin Albert

Jenny Aldrich as Mother

David Meyersburg as Brian

Don Walker, narrator


Paris in the Nineties, an eighteen minute play by Martin Tucker

Dick Pell as Sydney

Bart Machaj as Norman

Dianne Brin, narrator


The Messenger’s Tragedy, a ten-minute play by Monica Cross

Dylan Jones as The Messenger

Neil Levine as Prologue, Wit and Lord 2

Don Walker as Suitor and Lord 1

Jenny Aldrich as Beloved and Epilogue

Roz Cramer, narrator


February 22, 2016

Deja vu, a ten-minute play by Dylan Jones

Don Walker as Man

Jenny Aldrich as Woman

Dylan Jones as Young Man

Monica Cross as Young Woman

Bernie Yanelli as Neil deGrasse Tyson

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


A Date With a Stranger, a ten-minute play by Verna Safran

Andrea Dovner as Angela

Alan Brasington as Death

Sylvia Kolker, narrator


Miss O’Hara, I Have a Confession To Make, a ten-minute play by Bernie Yanelli

Melliss Kenworthy as Maureen O’Hara

Dylan Jones as Martin O’Rourke

Bernie Yanelli, narrator


Memory Card, a ten-minute play by Connie Schindewolf

Sylvia Kolker as Cora

Cece Dwyer as Carol

Alan Brasington as Voice

Bart Machaj, narrator


March 3, 2016.

Send Off, a one-hour play by Barbara Barnow

Fred Sirasky as Rich

Marilyn Rockafellow as Ann

David Meyersburg as Carter

Jan Morris as Sonya

Alan Kitty as Ben

Dylan Jones as Parker

Bart Machaj as Reporter

Sandra Musicante, narrator


March 10, 2016.

First Half of Workshop Session is a SAPS Special Program – Beth Duda is the Guest Speaker

Second half:

Grand-Brother, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Dick Pell as DeShawn

Don Walker as George

Cece Dwyer as Shavanda

Ray Crucet as Larry

Dianne Brin, narrator


Midlife Romance, a short play by Arthur Keyser

Monia Joblin as Susan

Alan Brasington as Man

David Meyersburg as Building Super

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


March 17, 2016.

Until We Finally Sleep, a full-length play by Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones as Dall Carwyn

Andrea Dovner as AAA

Monica Cross, narrator


March 21, 2016

The Empty Room, a fifteen minute monologue, written and performed by Jan Wallace


Mercutio, a six-minute play by Monica Cross

Dylan Jones as Mercutio

Monica Cross as Romeo


Three Kinds of Ho, a fifteen-minute play by Verna Safran

Marilyn Rockafellow as Paulette

Ron Pantello as William

as Miriam

Margo Drewis as Jennifer

as Lily

Roz Cramer as The Candidate


April 7, 2016.

Three word plays by participants in the SAPS Playwriting Lab


Three Little Words by George Loukides, read by Bart Machaj and Jan Wallace

Waiting in Fear by Jan Wallace, read by Betty Robinson and Bart Machaj

Trusting by Roz Cramer, read by Betty Robinson, Jan Wallace and bart Machaj

Sight Seeing by Betty Robinson, read by Bruce Segal, Cece Dwyer and Ray Crucet

Swim To Horizon by Ray Crucet, read by Don Walker, Ron Pantello and Bart Machaj

The interruption by David Meyersburg, read by Alan Kitty, Margo Drewis and Dick Pell


Ten-Minute Plays by participants in the SAPS Playwriting Lab

Aaron and Aala by Roz Cramer

Fred Sirasky as Aaron

Andrea Dovner as Aala

David Meyersburg as Apple

Jan Wallace, narrator


In Search Of a Play by George Loukides

Betty Robinson as Meg

Jan Wallace as Pam

Roz Cramer as Lil

Bart Machaj, narrator


An Unforgettable Lunch by Jan Wallace

Andrea Dovner as Grace

Roz Cramer as Juliet

Verna Safran as Waitress

Betty Robinson, narrator


A Place At the Table by Bart Machaj

Roz Cramer as the Grandmother

George Loukides as the Grandfather

Steve Horowitz as Junior

Ray Crucet as the Sheriff

Margo Drewis, narrator


April 11, 2016.

Flippin’ Lids, a ten-minute play by Betty Robinson

Alan Brasington as Steep Windsor

Andrea Dovner as Saucy

George Loukides as Pops

Jan Wallace, narrator


Where is Lexi, a ten-minute play by Jan Wallace

Melliss Kenworthy as Katie

Fred Sirasky as Phil

Sandra Musicante as Lexi

Dan Higgs as Don

Verna Safran, narrator


Goodbye Itzy Bitzy, a ten-minute play by Betty Robinson

Ray Crucet as Ben

Jan Wallace as Annie

George Loukides, narrator


The Family Business, a twenty-minute play by Arthur Keyser

Jan Wallace as Brigid

Dan Higgs as Sean

David Meyersburg as Connor

Alan Brasington as Paddy


April 21, 2016.

Check Points At Life’s Station, a forty-five minute play by Roz Cramer

Dylan Jones as Raconteur

Ann Gundersheimer as Molly Hines

Monia Joblin as Dolly Stanton

Alan Brasington as Martin Hines/Freddy Stanton

Linda MacCluggage as Nurse McDougall

Reid MacCluggage, narrator


Aunt Ellers Runned Away, a short play by Alan Brasington

Alan Brasington as Uncle St. John

Andrea Dovner as Violet


April 25, 2016.

Workshop cancelled


May 5, 2016.

Workshop Cancelled because of Odyssey Ten-Minute Play Festival


May 9, 2016.

Chance’s Gift, a forty-five minute play by Dylan Jones

Dylan Jones as Chance

Fred Sirasky as Alec

Andrea Dovner as Dispatcher and Reader


Cyrano On the Moon, a fifteen minute play by Monica Cross

Bernie Yanelli as Cyrano

Dylan Jones as Christian

Andrea Dovner as Cynthia

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator
May 19, 2016.

SAPS Special program – Guest Speaker is Jason Cannon followed by two short plays:

The Deal by Connie Schindewolf, a twelve-minute play

Andrea Dovner as Barbara

Alan Brasington as Peter

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


Bio Mom, a ten-minute play by Ron Pantello

Dick Pell as Sean Gonzalez

David Meyersburg as His Thoughts

Andrea Dovner as Maureen Ryan

Melliss Kenworthy as Her Thoughts

Steve Horowitz, narrator

May 23, 2016. — Workshop cancelled

End of Workshop season