Sarasota Area Playwrights Society

Playwright Workshop and Special Events schedule for 2014 / 2015

All workshops and special events will be held in a conference room at The Arts and Cultural Alliance of Sarasota building at 1226 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34236.  Workshops will begin at 6:30 p.m. sharp and will, with rare exceptions, end at 8:30 p.m.  



October 23, 2014.  Workshop readings of five new short plays.

You Only Get One by Ron Pantello

Margo Drewis as Carrie Smith

Melliss Kenworthy as Melissa Smith, MD

Steve Horowitz, narrator


A Slippery Slope by Margo Drewis

Steve Horowitz as Jack

George Loukides as Bob

Bart Machaj, narrator


A Place at the Table by Bart Machaj

Margo Drewis as the Grandmother

Mike Karp as the Grandfather

Steve Horowitz as the Grandson

George Loukides as the Sheriff

Alice Cotman, narrator


Indefensible by Steve Cooper

Jenny Aldrich as Emma Higgins

Don Walker as Ronald Higgins

Sandra Musicante as Dr. Harriet Grimsby

Steve Horowitz as Lieutenant Langley

Ray Cruset, narrator

There is a non-speaking character, whose name is Susan Higgins


Concierge Medicine by Ron Pantello

Reid MacCluggage as Steve Cohen, MD

Steve Horowitz as Angelo

Dale Moore as Dom

Margo Drewis as Jane

Melliss Kenworthy, narrator


November 6, 2014.   Workshop reading of In God We Trust, a full-length play by Ron Pantello.

Dale Moore as Pastor Bob

Margo Drewis as Peggy

Dianne Brin as Lois

Cece Dwyer as Mary

Dick Pell as David

Ray Crucet as Barry

Reid MacCluggage as Pastor Ralph

Steve Horowitz, narrator


November 13, 2014.  Special event program.

Arthur Keyser leads a discussion of, and how to best use, the members’ side of the SAPS web site.


George Loukides leads a discussion on evaluating plays.


November 20, 2014.  Workshop readings of five short plays.

Out, Out, Damned Spot by George Loukides

Sandra Musicante as Lorelle

Bart Machaj as Frank

Margo Drewis as Sue

Alice Cotman, narrator


Soft Boys by Mike Karp

Dick Pell as Vito

David Meyersburg as Zeal

Helen Pell as Angie

George Loukides, narrator


At the Door by Connie Schindewolf

Margo Drewis as Alyssa

Alice Cotman as Brooke

Ray Crucet as Leo

Sylvia Kolker, narrator


Housekeeping by Connie Schindewolf

Jennie Aldrich as Allie

Don Walker as Matt

Cece Dwyer as Sheila

Sandra Musicante, narrator


Apocalypse by Arthur Keyser

Jenny Aldrich as Phoebe Finney

Don Walker as Cyrus Finney

Mike Karp as Unnamed Radio Announcer

George Loukides, narrator


December 11, 2014.  Workshop readings of five short plays.

The Suitcase by Steve Cooper

Jenny Aldrich as Kaitlin Portman

Melliss Kenworthy as Patricia Portman

Don Walker as Coleman Evans

Bart Machaj, narrator


The Living Room by Dale Moore

Melliss Kenworthy as Gertrude

Sylvia Kolker as Sophie

Marilyn Sirasky as Dolly

Fred Sirasky, narrator


If They Say It Ain’t About the Money by Steve Cooper

Sharon Ohrenstein as Edith

Reid MacCluggage as Harry

Dan Higgs, narrator


High School Reunion by Arthur Keyser

Dan Higgs as Patrick

Fred Sirasky as Thomas

Reid MacCluggage as Robert

Jan Wallace, narrator


WHY by Marvin Albert

Melliss Kenworthy as Madelaine

Dianne Brin as Loretta

Dick Pell, narrator


December 18, 2014.   Workshop reading of Harry’s Angel, a play by Arthur Keyser.

Dianne Brin as Fanny

Lee Lawler as Rose

Ray Crucet as Harry

Alice Cotman as Angel

Dick Pell as Curly

Margo Drewis, narrator     


January 8, 2015.  Workshop readings of four short plays by Roz Cramer.

Here Come the Brides

Marilyn Rockafellow as Sandy Freed

Monia Joblin as Melanie  Freed

Fred Sirasky, narrator


Take My Hand

Sylvia Kolker as Grandma

Monia Joblin as Melanie Freed

Fred Sirasky, narrator


A Resolution, Of Sorts

Marilyn Rockafellow as Sandy Freed

Monia Joblin as Melanie Freed

Sylvia Kolker as Grandma

Fred Sirasky, narrator


My Mother Was a Singer

Marilyn Rockafellow as Sandy Freed

Monia Joblin as Melanie Freed

Sylvia Kolker as Grandma

Freed Sirasky, narrator



January 22, 2015.  Workshop reading of The Home Choreographer, a full-length play by Ron Pantello.

Fred Sirasky as Buddy

Monia Joblin as Lucy

Dick Pell as Bowser

Margo Drewis as Nancy

George Loukides as Lawrence

Dianne Brin, narrator


February 12, 2015.  Workshop reading of Ludlow Massacre, a full length play by George Loukides.

Fred Sirasky as John

Jenny Aldrich as Hannah

Bart Machaj as Louis

Lee Lawler as Mary

Monia Joblin as Clara

Dick Pell as Rockefeller

Ray Sirasky as Jesus

Steve Horowitz as Felix

Margo Drewis, narrator



February 19, 2015.  A SAPS Special Program

Alan Kitty presents Becoming Mark Twain


followed by:


It’s All About Pot Roast, a short play by Arthur Keyser

Sandra Musicante as Norma

as Molly

George Loukides, narrator


February 26, 2015.  Workshop readings of four new short plays.

Past Decisions by Jan Wallace

Betty Comora as Helen

Fred Sirasky as James

Sandra Musicante, narrator


Where is Alexa by Jan Wallace

Betty Comora as Katie

Dan Higgs as Phil

Sandra Musicante as Alexa

Fred Sirasky as Don

Marilyn Rockafellow, narrator


Consequentially Yours by Alan Kitty

Sandra Musicante as Penny

Steve Horowitz as Tom

Dan Higgs as Guy

David Meyersburg, narrator


The Spirits of Thanksgiving by Kathryn Chesley

Cece Dwyer as Joan Rivers

David Meyersburg as Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Robin Williams and others

Dianne Brin as Elizabeth Taylor, Shirley Temple, Whitney Huston and others

Dick Pell, narrator



March 12, 2015.  Workshop readings of four new short plays

Anna’s Dad by Jan Wallace

Margo Drewis as Tris Schaeffer

David Meyersburg as Roberto

, narrator


Mixed Signals by Jan Wallace

Margo Drewis as Cathy

Alan Kitty as Greg

, narrator


Mona Lisa and the Ethiopian Cookbook by George Loukides

Susan McCoy as Stella

Dianne Brin as Toula

Bart Machaj, narrator


In Whom We Trust by Arthur Keyser

Alan Kitty as Richard Nixon

Dick Pell as John Mitchell

Dan Higgs as Gordon Liddy

Don Walker as John Dean

Bart Machaj, narrator



March 19, 2015.  Workshop reading of How To Meet Edward Albee, a full-length play by Martin Tucker.

Margo Drewis as Gail

Reid MacCluggage as Bill

Sylvia Kolker as Martha

Fred Sirasky as Jerry

Dick Pell as Benjamin

Steve Horowitz as Edward Albee

Arthur Keyser as Ted

Marilyn Rockafellow as Meredith

and a goat, played by himself

Linda MacCluggage, narrator


Reading of Accident, a short play by Martin Tucker

Linda MacCluggage as Ellen

Dick Pell as Walter

Dianne Brin as Pamela

, narrator



March 26, 2015.  Workshop readings of two new short plays and a one-act (approximately thirty minute) play

Tea in Winter (a thirty minute one-act play) by Marilyn Rockafellow

Melliss Kenworthy as Mother

Helen Pell as Daughter

Fred Sirasky, narrator


House of Morganus by George Loukides

Dan Higgs as Jovin

Margo Drewis as Celesta

Alan Kitty as Petrus

Bart Machaj, narrator


The Hoodie by Alan Kitty

Dan Higgs as Hank

Jan Wallace as Sandy

Dale Moore as Dr. James

, narrator


April 9, 2015.  No Workshop scheduled.    


April 16, 2015.  Workshop readings of four short plays by members of playwriting lab.

“…this Panama Place in the Rain” by Ray Crucet

Dan Higgs as Roy Abarre

Mike Karp as Sam Weber

Cece Dwyer as Maria

Alice Cotman as Jacqui McCoyd

Dick Pell, narrator


Baad Baad Sheep  by Alice Cotman

Dick Pell as Myron

Dianne Brin as Yolanda

Dan Higgs as Olsen

Cece Dwyer as Shelly Sheep

Ray Crucet as The Big Bad Wolf

Arthur Keyser, narrator


Thank God for Purgies by Dianne Brin

Mike Karp as Lucas

Dan Higgs as Michael

Ray Crucet as Satan

Dick Pell as George Burns Look-alike

Alice Cotman, narrator


Who’s Aging Anyway by Mike Karp

Dick Pell as Harry

Margo Drewis as Millie

Ray Crucet, narrator


April 23, 2015.  Workshop reading of The Old American Company, a full-length musical by Fred Sirasky.

Dick Pell as Jonathan Snow

Reid MacCluggage as Aaron Snow

Dan Higgs as Thomas Snow

Sylvia Kolker as Sarah Snow

Cece Dwyer as Eliza Wiggins

Alan Kitty as David Douglass

Marilyn Rockafellow as Mrs. Douglass

Ron Pantello as General George Washington

George Loukides as Rev. Carlyle

Mike Karp as Capt. Oliver De Lancey

Bart Machaj as Capt. John Andre

Linda MacCluggage as Mrs. Witherspoon

Margo Drewis as

Ray Crucet, narrator

(note) several of the above actors read the roles of other minor characters.



May 14, 2015.   Workshop readings of seven short plays.

The Wait…… by Dan Higgs

Dick Pell as Man

Don Walker as Gene

Jenny Aldrich as Jean

Alan Kitty as Young Gene

Monia Joblin as Young Jean

Margo Drewis, narrator


Best Seller by Verna Safran

Alan Kitty as Bruce Lindquist

Dick Pell as Barry Black

Dianne Brin as Marty

Keith Whalen as George

David Meyersburg, narrator


The Death of Shakespeare by Alan Kitty

Dan Higgs as Crawford

Don Walker as Jackson

David Meyersburg as Captain/Hans/Leadsman

Sandra Musicante, narrator


Blind Date by Arthur Keyser

Monia Joblin as Jen

Dan Higgs as Gus

Alice Cotman as Waitress

Mike Karp, narrator


Poker Night by Jenny Aldrich

Cece Dwyer as Linda

Don Walker as Stan

Ray Crucet as Tim

Sandra Musicante as Jackie

Alice Cotman, narrator


Wait A Minute…..What?

Ray Crucet as Pete

Don Walker as Joe

Jenny Aldrich as Old Lady

Margo Drewis as Young Girl

Monia Joblin, narrator


That’s What They All Say by Cece Dwyer

Monia Joblin as Linda

David Meyersburg as Nick

Don Walker as Guard


May 21, 2015.  SAPS Panel Discussion on Playwriting and the Theater in today’s world

Howard Millman, panelist

Jay Handelman, panelist

Dewey Davis-Thompson, panelist

Arthur Keyser, moderator


May 31, 2015.  Season ending party at the home of Bart Machaj and George Loukides.


Summer Recess — SAPS events will resume in October, 2015.