Sarasota Area Playwrights Society Monthly Meetings

Schedule of once-a-month, Sunday Membership meetings for 2014 / 2015.  All Sunday meetings begin at 3:00 p.m. and will be held at Villa Grande at Sarasota, 4 Maggie Lane, Sarasota, FL 34232.  Villa Grande is located at the southeast corner of Beneva Road and Fruitville Road.  The entrance driveway is on the south side of Fruitville Road, east of Beneva Road.



October 5, 2014

Business meeting.


November 2, 2014.   Reading of Before Steepletop, a full-length play by Arthur Keyser.

Reid MacCluggage as Walter

Dan Higgs as older Sheldon

Sandra Musicante as Felice

Ren Pearson as younger Sheldon

Gabrielle Wilson as Vincent

Fred Sirasky, narrator


December 7, 2014.  Readings of four short One-Act plays.

Name Five People by Martin Tucker

Dan Higgs as Dave

Margo Drewis as Veronica

Sylvia Kolker as Susan

Reid MacCluggage as John

Fred Sirasky as Manuel

George Loukides as Sandy

Serena Esper, narrator


Louie and Emma by Roz Cramer

Linda MacCluggage as Mother

Reid MacCluggage as Father

Monia Joblin as Fourth Wall Narrator

David Meyersburg, narrator


Worth Fighting For by Roz Cramer

Monia Joblin as Bethany

Fred Sirasky as Jake

David Meyersburg, narrator


A Walk to the Deli by Martin Tucker

Fred Sirasky as Uncle Frank

Sylvia Kolker as Susan

Margo Drewis as Woman with dog

Serena Esper, narrator

January 11, 2015.  Reading of Harry’s Angel, a long one-act play by Arthur Keyser.

Dianne Brin as Fanny Gold

Ray Crucet as Harry Mancuso

Lee Lawler as Rose Mancuso

Monia Joblin as Angel Sparks

Dick Pell as Curly McGlynn

Margo Drewis, narrator


February 1, 2015.   Reading of Let Me Be Frank, a full-length play by Connie Schindewolf.

Melliss Kenworthy as Mary

Dan Higgs as Frank

Gabrielle Wilson as CeCe

Kayla Bussel as Amanda

David Meyersburg as Jim

Dianne Brin, narrator and director


March 1, 2015.   Readings of five short plays.

A Slippery Slope by Margo Drewis

Steve Horowitz as Jack

Don Walker as Bob

George Loukides, narrator


A Place At the Table by Bart Machaj

Margo Drewis as Grandmother

Mike Karp as Grandfather

Steve Horowitz as Grandson

George Loukides as Sheriff

Mary Ellen Mingst, narrator


Out, Out, Damn You, Spot by George Loukides

Marilyn Rockafellow as Lorelle

Fred Sirasky as Frank

Margo Drewis as Sue

Bart Machaj, narrator


Concierge Medicine by Ron Pantello

Dianne Brin as Jane

Dale Moore as Dom

Dan Higgs as Dr. Cohen

Steve Horowitz as Angelo

Margo Drewis, narrator


You Only Get One by Ron Pantello

Margo Drewis as Melissa

Diana Brin as Carrie

Dale Moore, narrator


April 12, 2015.*  Readings of five short plays

Where Is Lexi by Jan Wallace

Sandra Musicante as Lexi

Fred Sirasky as Don

Betty Comora as Katy

Dan Higgs as Phil

Margo Drewis, narrator


Ana’s Dad by Jan Wallace

Margo Drewis as Mary Moore

Sandra Musicante as Trish Schaeffer

David Meyersburg as Roberto

Betty Comora, narrator


Mona Lisa and the Ethiopian Cookbook by George Loukides

Susan McCoy as Stella

Dianne Brin as Toula

Bart Machaj, narrator


The House of Morganus by George Loukides

Margo Drewis as Celesta

Dan Higgs as Jovin

Alan Kitty as Petrus

Bart Machaj, narrator


In Whom We Trust by Arthur Keyser

Alan Kitty as Richard Nixon

Dan Higgs as G. Gordon Liddy

Dick Pell as John Mitchell

Bart Machaj as John Dean

David Meyersburg, narrator


May 31, 2015.   Season ending party at the home of Bart Machaj and George Loukides (starting at 1:00 p.m.)


June 7, 2015.  Reading of Murder in Larkin Hall, a full-length play by Dale Moore.

Ray Crucet as Dean John Olsen

Steve Horowitz as Det. Hatfield

Cece Dwyer as Sgt. Blaine

Alan Kitty as Dr. Geoff Whitcomb

Melliss Kenworthy as Barbara Whitcomb

David Meyersburg as Eric Keith

Dan Higgs as Preston Hyde

Ron Pantello, narrator


Summer Recess — SAPS events will resume in October, 2015


* The first Sunday in April is Easter Sunday and the April monthly meeting at Villa Grande will be held on the second Sunday of April.